That one time I enjoyed a Budweiser

That one time I enjoyed a Budweiser

You ever think back on your life of enjoying beer and think of a time where you can remember actually being happy to have a Beer from the Big Three in your hand? I am not talking about a craft brewery that was bought up by them either I mean a beer from Coors, Miller, or Budweiser.  Not many good memories like that come to mind for me maybe they do for you but mostly my memories are around Craft Beers and the people I was with.

I do have one memory thought that stands out, now it may be that I was on deployment and hadn’t had a real beer in nearly 5 months but mostly it was the experience and the time of celebration with friends.  back in 2010 I was on deployment in Iraq stuck in the middle of a country that I wasn’t allowed to drink in or do anything other than work, then one week in February the command got permission to have a super bowl party and drinks.  We were each able to have 2 beers, that doesn’t sound like much when you think that we were not given a choice in our type of beer but after 5 months without it was nice and just what I needed to get through the next 3 months.

We were corralled into a small roped off area and as long as we were holding a drink we had to stay there. Now this Super Bowl party was hosted long before the game ever started seeing as the game would area while most people we asleep. We didn’t mind that for us it was about spending time together and for a short period acting like we were back home. This is a Super Bowl party where I didn’t watch the game but I will always remember having a Budweiser and a Cigar while hanging out with my Brothers.


Yes, I am the Goofy looking guy in the brown sweater smoking a cigar. In the photo with me are some of the greatest friends I will ever have. There is something about serving together that sets a bond a bond that goes deeper than the type of beer we are enjoying together. If any one of these guys called and wanted to get together for a beer I would jump at the chance regardless of taste or style.

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