Bells Mars Double IPA


Double IPA

10.1% ABV 100 IBUs

Appearance- Amber in color with a good medium head and hazy clarity.

Aroma- Similar to most Double IPAs the beer has a sweet smell full of malty notes and the slightest hint of hops.

Taste- Like the smell the beer hits first with a sweet burst of flavour with notes of tropical fruit and piney notes. The malt provides great balance to the beer masking much of the hops but still has a good bitter kick.

Mouthfeel- The beer is very smooth and costs the mouth it doesn’t come across to harsh and is very enjoyable.

Overall- This is a great Double IPA that I will enjoy many times over. The malts mask much of the hops and bitterness in the beer but there is no denying they are there. If give this beer a rating of 4.1

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