Cedrela Hefewizen Aged in Cabernet Barrels

Cedrela Hefewizen Aged in Cabernet Barrels

Whitestone Brewery

Cedar Park, Texas

ABV 5% IBU 8

Appearance- Golden wheat in color and yellowy clear hue.

Aroma- Faint apple blossom and floral bouquet notes that still resonate the original hefeweizen that got the beer started.

Taste- A cross between a cider and a wine with a tingle reminiscent of a cider upfront and a smooth sweet finish.

Mouthfeel- This beer is very smooth and followed with an enjoyably wonderful carbonation feel on the back.

Overall- This beer is a delightful result to a years worth of waiting. Whitestone took their Hefeweizen and put it into Stags Leep barrels (by Pine Ridge Winery) to let it age. This is one of the best wine barrel aged beers I have tasted and I was blown away by the flavors that transitioned into the beer, creating it’s own unique and wonderful flavor profile. Tonight was an amazing opportunity to taste the regular hefeweizen side by side with it’s barrel aged counterpart.

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