That one time I enjoyed a Budweiser

That one time I enjoyed a Budweiser

You ever think back on your life of enjoying beer and think of a time where you can remember actually being happy to have a Beer from the Big Three in your hand? I am not talking about a craft brewery that was bought up by them either I mean a beer from Coors, Miller, or Budweiser.  Not many good memories like that come to mind for me maybe they do for you but mostly my memories are around Craft Beers and the people I was with.

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The Discovery of Craft Beer

Getting started on craft beer.

Hopefully by now you have read the story about my very first beer drinking experience. It was one to remember for a little kid and one that kept me away from drinking till I was of age to legally do so.  It still shocks me that I was able to hold off till I was 21 and even then, I wasn’t a beer drinker, granted I would have a Shiner Bock here and there and I avoided the big three even before I had an opinion about them being the big bad boogie man. I can honestly say I avoided them cause when I saw drinking by my dad or his peers it was a Big Three light beer that was being put down faster than water. I guess I just associated light beer and commercial grade beer as blue-collar beer (nothing is wrong with blue-collar work I do it myself).

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My First Beer

My first taste of beer.

I mean as far as I can remember I just know I didn’t like it not even a little bit. I was young maybe 5 or 6 and my dad was out in the front yard grilling his famous (to me at least) fajitas the smell would draw me over next to the grill. Something about being out in the warm weather standing over a grill smelling season meat cook really can get you to hold onto a memory, or the sick feeling that was soon to follow. My dad always marinated his fajita meet in a Budweiser among other things. He would go out by a 6 pack use one beer to prep the meat and slowly over the course of a weekend or two the other 5 would follow. My Father was never a heavy drinker he was he kept it away from the family the only time I saw him drink was when he would make fajitas.

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